statue of pythagoras

Statue of Pythagoras

view of samos town (vathy)

View of Samos town (Vathy)

pythagorio at dusk

Pythagorion at dusk

potami beach

Potami beach

samos waterfalls

Samos waterfalls

Samiopoula island

Samiopoula island

mountain kerkis samos

On top of mountain Kerkis

seitani beach samos

Megalo Seitani beach

Efpalinos Tunnel pythagorio

Tunnel of Eupalinos

castle of lykourgos

Castle of Lykourgos, Pythagorio

kokkari samos

Beach of Kokkari, Samos

posidonio beach samos

Posidonio beach

mourtia beach samos

Mourtia beach

pythagorio samos

Wide view of Pythagorio

pythagorio spiliani monastery

Pythagorio, view from Spiliani monastery

kokkari samos

Fishnets & longlines, Kokkari

pic nic boat trip pythagorio

Setting sail for a daily pic-nic

Dockyard samos

Dockyard in Aghios Isidoros, Samos

Tsabou beach samos

Tsabou beach

    Did you know that...

  • Both Pythagorio and Heraion were declared world heritage sites by UNESCO in 1992
  • Other than Pythagoras, Samos is the birthplace of astronomer Aristarchus and philosopher Epicurus
  • Samos was an autonomous principality from 1835, until it joined Greece in 1912.
  • The wine of Samos is renowned for it's quality since ancient times
  • The village of Chora used to be the capital of Samos until 1854, before Vathy
  • The tunnel of Eupalinos and the temple of Hera, were both constructed during the reign of Polycrates
  • The Samian economy depends mainly on agriculture and tourism
  • With a length of over 1 km, Eupalinos' tunnel is regarded as one of the masterpieces of ancient engineering
  • According to Strabo, the name Samos is from Phoenician and it means "rise by the shore"
  • Samos is one of the sunniest places in Europe with almost 3300 hours of sunshine annually or 74% of the time.
  • Kouros of Samos with a height of 5.5 meters, is the largest surviving Kouros statue in Greece
  • The vases of Samos were among the most characteristic products of Ionian pottery in the 6th century
  • The main agricultural products of Samos are grapes, olives, olive oil, citrus fruit and honey
  • Dryoussa is an ancient name of Samos and it means "full of oak trees"
  • Pythagorion until 1955 was called "Tigani" (frying pan), because of the port's shape
  • The historian Herodotus resided in Samos for a while
  • Philosopher Democritus, was a student of Pythagoras
  • Aristarchus presented the first known model that placed the Sun at the center with the Earth revolving around it
  • Conon of Samos was a Greek astronomer and mathematician who named the constellation Coma Berenices
  • Mountain Kerkis, with a height of 1433 meters, is the second highest mountain in aegean.
  • Mountain Kerkis is part of the European Union's Natura 2000 network of protected sites
  • Coleus of Samos was the first known man who crossed the "Pillars of Hercules" (Gibraltar)
  • The port of Pythagorio is considered to be the oldest man-made port of the Mediterranean Sea
  • The temple of Hera used to be one of the biggest temples of ancient Greece
  • Iera Odos or "The Sacred Way" is the ancient 4km street that connected Pythagorion with the temple of Hera
  • The temple of Hera was built by Samian architects Rhoecus, and his grandson Theodorus
  • Rhoecus of Samos is credited for inventing the craft of bronze casting
  • Mark Antony and Cleopatra resided in Samos for a while
  • It is rumoured that the Castle of Lykourgos was build over the ruins of Polycrates' palace
  • Endangered monachus-monachus seals often find shelter in Seitani beach
  • During 2009 alone, Samos wine was awarded 29 times in different international wine competitions
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  • Welcome to Pension Dryoussa!

    We are a small family guest house in Pythagorio, Samos.

    Built in local architectural style, Pension Dryoussa is a recurring choice of stay, not only because of it's friendly owners and cosy environment, but also because of it's privileged location.

    Only a breath away from the beach and the castle of Lykourgos Logothetis, and less than a five-minute walk till the picturesque port where most of the cafes, bars and restaurants are located. The main street where you can find all the stores, car rentals, banks and super-markets is just a 100 meters away.

    We hope your stay here will be memorably enjoyable and we assure you that we will do our best to provide you a pleasant vacation.

    Cristina & Stavros Karavasilis

    Enjoy your stay!

    Choose the beautiful Island of Samos as your holiday destination

  • Pension Dryoussa has 6 spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, five of which are double and one triple.

    All rooms have a private balcony (some are seaview), WC & shower, air conditioning, a small fridge and an electrical kettle. Internet access through our wi-fi network is available upon request, without any additional fees.

    All of the rooms are cleaned six days a week, and the bed linens are changed every three days.

  • pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room pension dryoussa room
  • Feel free to contact us

    For any questions, bookings, or pricelists

    Cristina & Stavros Karavasilis

    Pension Dryoussa
    Pythagoras Street
    Pythagorio, Samos 83103

    phone: +30 22730 61826

    We speak English, Spanish and Greek